Welcome to the Web Page of the Grand Court of New South Wales, Order of the Amaranth Incorporated.

Retiring GRM and GRP of NSW with GRM Kay Van Lissum, GRPFrank Van Lissum of Queensland.

Congratulations to the incoming GRM Carita and GRP Spencer Swann of Queensland Grand Court with GRM H.L> Katie Wallace GRM and S.K. Donald Cobcroft GRP of NSW.

Congratulations to H.L. Dot Edwards who celebrated her 97th Birthday

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Congratulations to H.L. Dot Edwards who celebrated her 97th Birthday on 19th May.and is pictured here with the GRP Donald Cobcroft

It is always a great time when the members of the two Grand Courts in Australia visit each other
In May this year it was the tur of members from New South Wales to pay their annual visit to Qld

Pictured here are the NSW members, GRM Kate Wallace, GRP Donald Cobcroft, Grand Marshal Dalvene Sheppard, Grand Page Margaret Monaghan, Grand Associate Matron, Judy Prince, Grand Treasurer Eileen Jeffery and Grand Secretary Heather Baker.

$6,500 was donated to Diabetes NSW Research

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24th March 2018 - Pictured here is H.L. Christine with S.K. Alan presenting project cheques to the value of $6,500 for Diabetes NSW for Research to Ester Krizmancic who was delighted to receive them.

$9,600 Raised for Local Charities

Submitted by marie on Sat, 2018-03-10 12:05

$9,600 Raised for Local Charities

On Saturday the 3rd of March the Royal Haven Court of the Order of the Amaranth held a function in Nowra to raise money for local charities. They also presented cheques to the Maternity Unit of the Shoalhaven Hospital and the local Parkinsons Support Group.

Royal Victoria Court's new venue

Submitted by marie on Tue, 2018-02-13 10:35

On our 72nd Birthday In January 2018, due to the imminent closure of the Moorabbin Masonic Centre, Royal Victoria Court moved their meeting venue to a lovely hall at the Salvation Army Centre in Bentleigh

Attached is a photo of the Court Room set up

The Special Session was a great occasion and it was wonderful to meet and spend time with our SRM Judy Mosier and SRP Jerry Pinion along with Ginger Pinion, Julie Earl, Kathleen Dinardo and Aileen Brand

Surpreme Royal Matron and Supreme Royal Patron signing the Bible

Submitted by marie on Sun, 2017-12-10 14:27

On of the special moments at our Special Session was when the Supreme Royal Matron Judy Mosier and Supreme Royal Patron Jerry Pinion were escorted to the Altar to sign our Bible

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